All You Need to Know About Pet Proofing Your Plumbing System | Tips from Your Sugar Land, TX Plumber


All You Need to Know About Pet Proofing Your Plumbing System | Tips from Your Sugar Land, TX Plumber

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Texans are known to be quite fond of pets. In fact, the Lone Star State of Texas is home to almost 7.2 million dogs alone. Not to mention all the farm animals that it’s traditionally famous for!

You may see your pet dog as man’s best friend, but they’re not exactly friendly to your plumbing fixtures and the plumbing system. Therefore, any pet owner concerned about the longevity of his plumbing fixtures and the maintenance of his house’s plumbing system will want to consider pet-proofing them. This may seem like a hassle at first, but it really is an investment that will save you from the costly repairs and unwanted hassle later on. Pet proofing will work both ways; not only will it keep your plumbing fixtures sound and secure, but it will also keep your pet from harming itself around any of your plumbing fixtures such as the heaters, washing machines or even toilet bowls. Below are some of the ways you can pet-proof your plumbing system. It is wise to acquire the professional services of a plumber in the Sugar Land, TX area to help you with the pet-proofing and everything else.

Cover the Pipes

Being a pet owner, you’re probably well aware of their habit of chewing most things that they come across, especially when they’re teething. Kittens, parrots, hamsters, or dogs; it doesn’t matter what you have for a pet; they all love to bury their teeth into most things around the house. And they won’t differentiate between your slippers, remote buttons, electrical wiring, or the pipes.

Their activities with an exposed pipe, however, will be quite costly for you, exposing your fixtures, furniture, walls, or flooring to water damage and mold growth. Not only will you have to bear the costly repairs, but you’ll also be looking at overcharged water bills if the leaks caused go on undetected. If you want to avoid all of this trouble, it is best that you call in a professional plumber, to pet-proof your pipes right away.

Don’t Flush the Cat Litter

This one is quite simple. You don’t even have to call in a professional plumber for this one. Just be very particular about not flushing the cat litter down the toilet. Anything other than toilet paper and human waste should not be flushed down the toilet; that’s plumbing 101.

Stick to this basic principle no matter what the cat litter commercials may advertise. Cat litter that is flushed down the drain will clog your drains over a period of time. The brand of the litter doesn’t matter, and neither will the contents of the litter. Cat little is mostly sand particles, and these particles clump up when they get wet. These clumps then stick together to form massive objects that can easily clog your drains and lead to more plumbing problems.

Keep the Toilet Lids Closed

Again, it doesn’t require the expertise of a professional plumber to implement this one. You know pets are curious beings by nature. Most of the time, their curiosity will lead them into places where they are not supposed to be; for example, the toilet bowls. They may even develop a taste for drinking out of the bowl very quickly. Besides the risk of exposure to toilet cleaners and the other chemical residue in the tank, this also exposes them to the risk of falling over and drowning in the toilet bowl.

Simply make sure that your toilet lid is closed whenever it’s not in use. As an added benefit, you will not hesitate the next time you pat or kiss them, worrying where your furry little friends might have been.

Ensure That the Floor Drains Are Covered at All Times

A small kitten or pup can easily wriggle into your plumbing system through any of these open drains. You can acquire the services of a professional plumber to securely cover up these floor drains around the house.

Keep Their Water Bowls Full

This is yet another simple thing to do when you’re looking to pet-proof your plumbing system. You do not even require the expertise of a professional plumber to ensure that their water bowls are kept filled. Usually, when their water bowls run out of water, they will look for water sources elsewhere. It is such quests that will lead them into your bathroom and have them drinking from the toilet bowl or chewing through an exposed pipe. Simply make sure that their water bowl is filled every now to ensure that they don’t go hunting around the house for different sources of water.

Monitor Where Your Dogs Are Digging

Some residential areas in the Sugar Land, TX area, may have their sewer lines or water pipes laid quite close to the surface. This brings them within your dog’s digging range and exposes them to damage. There are areas where the sewer lines are laid not more than 18 inches into the ground.

If you know that your dogs are avid diggers, you must monitor where they are digging and make sure they don’t do it in places where there are pipes or sewer lines underneath. Have a local plumber inspect and mark the areas where the lines may be passing through. You can then train your dogs to not dig there and stay away from these areas.

Take the Requisite Precautions When Bathing Your Pets

Owners of a pet, especially a furry one, will know how they can become a sponge for dirt and grime. Bathing them can be a nightmare not only for you but for your plumbing system as well as all that dirt and grime mixed together makes for the perfect recipe for drain clogging. Therefore, it is essential that you take some measures to ensure that your plumbing system is kept running smoothly. Below are some of the things you can do in this regard.

  • Do not bathe them inside the bathrooms. Try bathing them in your backyard instead.
  • If you must take them inside the bathroom, wipe and rinse them thoroughly before you do
  • Use drain stoppers to catch most of the dirt and debris

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in the Sugar Land, TX Area

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