Gas Line Repair

Sugar Land, TX Plumbers – Gas Leaks

Sugar Land Plumbers – Gas-related incidents account for more 430 deaths per year.  Gas leaks are something every homeowner should take very seriously.  Below we will discuss various triggers to what can cause a gas leak in your home as well as ways to detect gas leaks and what you should do if you suspect … Read More >

Plumber in Katy, TX – Gas Line Repair

Plumber in Katy, TX – Natural gas is a very popular choice in homes across the nation. It is usually cheaper than electric in most areas, and it is also considered environmentally friendly along with the fact that is more efficient than other fuel-types. However, natural gas does require caution and observation due to the … Read More >

Gas Line Repair in Houston, Texas

If you are looking for a plumber for gas line repair in Houston, Texas to repair your tankless water heater give Ben Franklin Plumbing a call. According to the United States Department of Energy, a tankless water heater, or hot water on demand heater, can save you 24%-35% on energy costs compared to standard tank … Read More >

Gas Line Repair in Katy, TX – Gas Line Leak

Thankfully, gas line leaks are fairly uncommon. However, when a natural gas leak does happen, the severity of the danger cannot be stressed enough.  It is critical that all people in your home learn how to identify the signs of a possible gas line leak, both inside of your home and outside as well. If … Read More >

Gas Line Repair in Houston

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers gas line repair in Houston and surrounding areas. If you are in need of gas line repair in Houston or any other gas line maintenance or installation services then give us a call today.  Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Houston, TX is the premier source for plumbing repair, installation and services for both … Read More >


6 Tell Tale Signs of a Need for Gas Line Repair in Rosenberg, TX

A gas leak inside the house is a serious issue. The dangerous aspect of a gas leak is that gas is extremely flammable. A small spark can ignite the entire house in flames. So, it’s vital that you keep the gas lines well-maintained through regular inspection. The amount paid for the annual checkup is more … Read More >


Gas Line Repair Katy, Texas

As homes age, they require an increase in maintenance. One maintenance that should never be overlooked is your home’s gas lines. Older gas lines can be prone to wear and tear, potentially leading to a gas leak. A gas leak is a danger to residents and should never be ignored. Generally, replacement is advised every … Read More >


What is the Repairing Cost for Gas Pipe Lines? – Katy, TX

It is highly recommended to always go for professionals with sufficient experience in their field when it comes to dealing with your plumbing problems such as installation and repairing of pipes. However, this becomes extremely essential if the said pipes are gas pipes. In such cases, the task becomes more skill and labor intensive. The … Read More >