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Questions About Water Line Repair in Katy That Every Homeowner Should Ask

Homeowners in Katy have taken numerous steps to ensure that their homes are protected from floods and fires and have warranties for their appliances. However, they should also be vigilant about water line and sewer line disruptions that are expensive to deal with. All homeowners need to always be prepared for handling plumbing emergencies in … Read More >

Katy, TX Plumbing – Types of Pipes

Katy Plumbing – Repiping is a project you should only let a licensed and professional plumber take care of. All plumbing will eventually break down requiring replacement due to damaging leaks, restricted flow, and frequent plumbing repair. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will repipe your home with as little interruption, and inconvenience as possible. If you have … Read More >

Plumbers in Houston, TX – PEX Pipe

Plumbers in Houston, TX – When you need to repipe your home, there are multiple reasons why you should consider PEX Pipe. PEX is extremely flexible, durable, and is resistant to heat and freezing. Additionally, it can reduce your utility bill for when it comes to producing hot water. The reasons PEX is cheaper than … Read More >

Rosenberg Plumber – Galvanized Pipe

If you live in an old home, there is a good likelihood that the home utilizes galvanized pipes. Galvanized pipes are protected with a protective coating of zinc to extend their life cycle. However, as that pipe ages, the protective layer of zinc will wear off, once it is gone, the unprotected steel with begin … Read More >

Plumbing in Houston, Texas – Copper Pipe

Copper pipe has been one of the top choices for plumbing pipes with homeowner’s needing plumbing in Houston, Texas for over seventy years.  This is due to the long term performance one can expect from using copper, and with this, it remains a highly popular piping material. So popular, in fact, that over 80% of … Read More >

Plumbing in Houston, TX – PEX Pipe

Cross-linked polyethylene tubing, more commonly referred to as PEX pipe, and has revolutionized piping in the plumbing market. This flexible tubing is safe for potable water, bends around obstructions and it can be installed in long pipe runs using fewer fittings. Furthermore, PEX pipe is also light weight, drastically cuts down the time required to … Read More >

Plumbing in Katy, Texas – Polybutylene Pipe

During the late 1970’s up until around the mid 1990’s, polybutylene pipes were frequently installed in new home builds. It was a much lower cost alternative to other pipe options and it was said to be the material of choice for plumbing in Katy, Texas and across the nation for that matter for the decades … Read More >

Plumbing in Rosenberg, Texas – Galvanized Pipe

Was your home built before 1970?  If so, the plumbing in your home may consist of galvanized pipe. This type of piping is a steel pipe that has a protective zinc coating.  Like all things, it will only last for so long.  Over time the zinc coating will deteriorate, leaving the unprotected steel to the … Read More >

Plumbers in Houston TX – Pipe Material

Whenever your home needs to be repiped, you have the decision to make for what type of pipe material you want to have installed in your home.  To make this decision, you will need to consider your budget and other factors such as the soil type, water chemistry and other possible challenges that your home … Read More >