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The Many Different Household Leaks | Tips from Your Sugar Land, TX Plumber

Photo By Have a nice day Photo at Shutterstock Leaks from plumbing fixtures, fittings and pipes contribute significantly towards household water wastage that takes place each year. Research points out that a typical home loses between 2,000 and 20,000 gallons of water over the course of a year due to such leaks. Some leaks, such as … Read More >


All About Plumbing Pipes | Tips from Your Katy, TX Plumber

Photo By Chanwit Issarasuwipakorn at Shutterstock Plumbing pipes can easily be classified as the most basic plumbing fixture in your home. There’s a ton of different types of them available out there. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in the Katy, TX area will be able to guide you as to which one a certain plumbing issue might require, but it helps … Read More >