Tankless Water Heaters


Selecting the Best Water Heater for Your Needs | Plumbers in Richmond

Photo By Hurst Photo at Shutterstock Are you searching for a new water heater? Buying one can be intimidating because there are too many features to understand and options to consider. Reach out to us at Benjamin Franklin, and our team of skilled plumbers in Richmond will help you select the most suitable water heater that addresses … Read More >


5 Reasons to Get a Tankless Water Heater in Richmond, TX

Photo By Billion Photos at Shutterstock Ever been in a shower and had your hot water run out? You need a better water heater to regulate your water pressure and temperature so that you can get the shower temperatures you desire. Water heaters are great tools for daily life. They are the modern-day solutions to make sure … Read More >


A Complete Walkthrough for Tankless Water Heaters in Katy, TX

Photo by Andrey_Popov at Shutterstock Everyone loves a hot water bath, since it can be very relaxing and soothing. It is just one of the reasons that water heaters are important for a home. Water heaters can actually impact the quality of life at home as well as the comfort level. A lot of activities in … Read More >


The Error Codes + Benefits of Getting Tankless Water Heaters in Katy

When you go into a store to find the most suitable tankless water heaters in Katy for your home, you may become perplexed. You will find a wide range of tankless water heaters, thus becoming confused is possible. If you have a professional plumber by your side, guiding you into making the right choice, you … Read More >


The Upsides of Having Tankless Water Heaters in Richmond

Water heaters are considered an essential household amenity during winter. Some people even prefer to have a warm water supply in their taps year round. So, there is no debate about whether a home should have a water heater or not. The real issue, however, is the type of water heater that goes well with … Read More >


A Short Guide for Getting Tankless Water Heaters in Rosenberg

Winters in the state of Texas are generally unforgiving. The seasonal temperatures drop to an extent where one can’t comfortably use the running tap water without some kind of heat treatment. This year when the fallout of polar vortex has gripped many Midwestern states, winters in Texas have also become chillier. In Rosenberg and neighboring … Read More >