Houston, TX Plumbers – Faucet Repair

Houston Plumbers – When it comes to some of the most common problems homeowners will face with their plumbing one of the most widespread will be a leaking faucet. Whenever a faucet leaks it is typically because there is a worn out washer or seal and it can usually be a simple fix by the … Read More >


Houston Plumbers | Plumbing Tips for the 4th of July

With the summer season being in full swing, Independence Day is only a couple of days away.  Independence Day honors the birthday of the United States of America and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence which was signed on July 4th, 1776.  Lots of families spend their time on the 4th having friends and … Read More >

Plumbers in Rosenberg, Texas – Expansion Tanks

Expansion tanks are devices that are installed alongside hot water systems. Their purpose is to prevent the excessive buildup of water pressure inside of a hot water heater’s tank which is caused by the thermal expansion of hot water. Thermal expansion is a state that happens to water when it is heated.  In other words, … Read More >

Katy Plumbing – Drain Cleaning in Katy

Chemical concentrates, food residue accumulation and grease / oil buildup are some of the most common reasons behind drain clogs in homes that will require Katy plumbing.  In their worst states, these types of clogs will almost certainly always require professional Katy plumbing cleaning services or even excavation in order to fix the plumbing system. At … Read More >

Drain Cleaning in Katy, TX

Do’s and Don’ts with Blocked Drains

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides drain cleaning in Katy, TX. With our professional drain cleaning services you can count on us to get your drains cleaned and unclogged in no time.  The next time you have a stubborn clog that you’ve thrown everything at but it’s not budging and you need professional drain cleaning in Katy, … Read More >


The Importance of Drain Cleaning In Houston, TX

Drainage systems require as much care and maintenance as the rest of your house does. Drains can become clogged with many things such as hair, soap, dirt and other things. When the drains get clogged, this prevents the water from flowing and it also results in dirty and unhygienic water flowing through. This is why … Read More >


Plumbing Tips | Plumbing Houston

Use the following plumbing tips to assist you with maintaining your home’s plumbing in Houston. Furthermore, if you have questions or need to schedule plumbing service, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for a licensed plumber. Kitchen and Bathrooms Check faucets for leaks. If you suspect a leak, but are uncertain place a container underneath the faucet … Read More >


Frozen Pipe | Plumber Katy

During the winter, frozen pipes are a common issue. If not treated promptly the pipe can burst, causing costly water damage to your home and potentially to its foundation. The simplest way to determine a pipe is frozen is to turn the faucet on. When water fails tocomes out, the pipe is likely frozen. The … Read More >


Sump Pump | Plumber in Sugar Land

If your home experiences a wet basement, a sump pump can take care of the problem for you. A sump pump sits either below or above the level of the basement floor. Water accumulates in a sump pit triggering the sump pump to start up, and pump the water through a drain pipe safely away … Read More >