Water Line Repair


10 Factors to Consider Before an Underground Water Line Repair in Sugar Land

Residential water line repair in Sugar Land can arrive as a costly surprise for every unsuspecting commercial building or homeowner. This is why we’re going to enlighten you with everything we know about repair procedures, water pipe installation, and the necessary safety precautions. A whole plethora of water problems can be brought forward because of … Read More >


When to Call For a Plumber in Richmond for a Water Line Repair

Every night, you hear a noise like someone is banging on the pipes. After a week, you still haven’t been able to identify where the noise is coming from. One day, as you are doing your laundry in the basement, you hear the noise in full force. You look around and walk closer to where … Read More >


7 Common Signs You Need a Water Line Repair in Sugar Land

Detecting water leakage problems earlier than later is important for all households! Unattended leaks could very well turn into bigger problems. Floors and paint can be ruined or even the structural strength of the house could be jeopardized. Therefore, it is important to know and keep looking for the signs of a possible leak in the … Read More >


Plumbing in Houston, TX – Underground Water Leak

Unfortunately, water leaks can happen at any time and when they do, they can happen at the most inconvenient of times. Many homeowners do not put that much thought into preventative maintenance with their plumbing or even to the telltale signs that can notify you that there may possibly be a leak. Plumbing tends to … Read More >

Plumbing in Sugar Land, TX – Leak Detection

Plumbing in Sugar Land, TX – A hidden water leak can result in an increase in the water bill, and severe damage to your home and its foundation. Water damage can occur behind the walls, to the floors, and in the home’s foundation before you know it. When you suspect a leak, make your first … Read More >

Plumber in Houston, TX – Water Line Repair

Plumber in Houston, TX – Every year, in homes across the nation, water leaks wastes anywhere from approximately 500 to 20,000 gallons. Water leaks can cause costly damage to a home and its foundation, mold problems and the cost of mold remediation. Unfortunately, homeowner’s are often unaware of leaks, and only suspect them when the … Read More >

Katy, Texas plumbers – Pipe Preparation for Winter

Every winter a quarter of a million families experience frozen water pipes unnecessarily. For many, busted pipes can turn into expensive repairs with structural damage and even mold. Your best bet is to take steps to prevent it by utilizing the following tips or by contacting Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Houston, Texas for an on-site … Read More >


Pipe Leaks | Houston, TX Leak Detection Company

Common Causes of Pipe Leaks Preventing pipe leaks is better than having to look for a professional Houston leak detection company.  So before you end up having to search in Google ‘Houston leak detection’, you should read further on and understand the reasons behind why most water pipes will often leak.   Leakage from various plumbing … Read More >