Water Softener


Plumbing in Sugar Land, TX – Hard Water & Water Softeners

Hard water is more common than you think. Furthermore, it can be the cause of numerous problems in the home, from dull hair to damaged plumbing. However, a water softener can provide a solution for your hard water problems. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Sugar Land, TX for additional information or to schedule water softener installation. … Read More >

Katy, TX Plumbing – Whole House Water Softener

Katy Plumbing – Whole house water softeners have helped many homeowners in the Katy, TX area. When you have hard water from your tap, water softeners are critical with helping keep your appliances operating as efficiently as possible and lesson the wear and tear on these units.  Appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers and washing … Read More >

Houston, TX Plumbers – Water Softeners

Houston Plumbers – Homeowners use water softeners in order to prevent the negative effects brought on by hard water. If your home has hard water, it can cause multiple problems with your home’s plumbing that will have you eventually contacting Houston plumbers for help. Examples of the problems from hard water are build-up of limescale … Read More >

Plumbing in Rosenberg, TX – Water Softener

Water that has a high mineral content is most often referred to as hard water.  As water passes in rivers and even under ground, it will come into contact with many different types of minerals. Minerals like limestone and chalk.   These minerals are mostly composed of calcium and magnesium.  At home, hard water can cause … Read More >