Gas Line Repair in Katy


Gas Line Repair in Katy

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A gas leak is a serious matter. When it comes to repairing gas line leaks, it’s essential to ensure safety and efficiency. Natural gas is an affordable and common form of energy used in residential areas. Although it is generally safe, you should be aware of the possible hazards to protect your house. After knowing the signs, you might realize that it could be time to call for gas line repair in Katy.

Telltale Signs It’s Time to Call in the Professionals

Here are a few signs you need a service for gas line repair in Katy:

  • Unusual odors like a rotten egg smell
  • Unusual sounds
  • Dying plants
  • Condensation on windows
  • Inflated gas bills

Take Precautions

If you notice any of the above in your house, it might be the case of a gas leak. You may need a service for gas line repair in Katy. Here’s what you should do in case of a gas leak:

  • Do not use your cell phone near the leak
  • Shut off the gas valves at your house
  • Do not smoke or use flames
  • Do not turn electrical devices on or off
  • Do not try to locate the leak
  • Get a safe distance away from the house and call a utility service

You can ensure you avoid gas leaks in the first place by having annual gas line inspections and ensuring your gas lines have been installed by trained professionals. Opt for flexible gas lines and get them checked regularly by a licensed professional.

What Causes Gas Leaks?

Before calling for gas line repair in Katy, it’s important to know if you are prone to gas leaks. Gas leaks often occur due to corrosion in the metal tubing in the gas line. Gas lines last about 25 years, but failures can start occurring within two years. Keeping this in mind, you should be able to tell whether your piping’s condition is alright. If you currently live in or have moved into an old home, dating back to previous decades like the ’50s or  ’60s, it is worth getting your piping investigated by a licensed professional.

What Damage Do Gas Leaks Cause?

Why get a service for gas line repair in Katy? Because gas leaks are extremely dangerous. There are a few reasons gas leaks are dangerous and you should remain cautious. They can cause damage in two different ways.

The first type of damage is the buildup of leaked gas which over time can lead to a large explosion if exposed to even the slightest bit of spark or flame. Another type of damage is carbon monoxide poisoning.  Carbon monoxide is a harmful by-product of using natural gas. If inhaled, this toxic gas is very harmful. What’s unfortunate is that carbon monoxide is completely colorless and odorless, making it almost impossible to detect on your own.

To reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • Install carbon monoxide detectors in different parts of your house
  • Inspect the vents, and chimneys of all gas water heaters, fireplaces and furnaces for proper ventilation of exhaust.
  • Do not sleep in a room heated by a kerosene space or gas heater without proper venting.
  • Never heat the house with your gas oven.

Some signs of carbon monoxide poisoning or a gas leak include headaches, dizziness, and feeling sluggish.Anyone experiencing these symptoms should vacate their home and call 911 immediately. Also, get a service for gas line repair in Katy immediately.

Costs of Repairing

Repairing a gas pipe has varied prices due to a variety of reasons.

  • Location of the leak. A few examples include: a leak at a junction behind a stove is a simple remove and replace so it doesn’t cost too much. Leaks hidden in crawlspaces and walls take a long time to find and can incur additional costs. Buried lines require excavation and landscaping so these cost the most.
  • Material Pricing. The type of pipe used and the length of replacement add material costs to your overall bill.

Repairing is imperative in the case of a leak. Tubing often corrodes over time; this is especially true where joints change from one type of material to another.

The Process

You should ensure that the professional from a service for gas line repair in Katy, does the following:

  1. Turns off the gas
  2. Removes the covers
  3. Detach the gas line
  4. Remove the residue gas pressure
  5. Clean the line
  6. Scuff the surface
  7. Attach the gas line
  8. Apply the Epoxy
  9. Test the gas lines
  10. Reinstall the covers

It’s important to be aware of the process that leads to the gas line repair to ensure that it is done properly. Make sure you don’t have to get the work done twice and that your professional is trained and doing the work properly.

Repairing pipes is not something that can be done easily. It is a complex process that requires the help of a professional. Hiring a professional reduces the possibility of leaks, toxic gas buildup, explosions and corrosive or fire damage to your house. It also saves time. When selecting a company forgas line repair in Katy, you need to ensure the following:

  • Affordability
  • Friendly and Professional
  • Efficiency
  • Experienced
  • Customer Service
  • Credibility
  • Licenses
  • Referrals
  • Reviews
  • Warranty

If you are looking for gas line repair in Katy that offers all of the above, you need to contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Houston, the best in the business. Call now at 281-394-0378 and schedule an appointment according to your convenience. Our punctual plumbers are available all round the clock for emergency repairs and provide comprehensive services. Get your gas leak fixed without delay!