Signs You May Have a Hard Water Problem and Need To Call A Plumber | Sugar Land, TX


Signs You May Have a Hard Water Problem and Need To Call A Plumber | Sugar Land, TX

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Hard water can be a cause of quite a few problems for you and your household. We assure you that any professional plumber can provide you with a number of solutions to your hard water problem. However, many homeowners in the Sugar Land, TX area may not even be aware of the existence of this menace altogether. In this article, we’ll cover the signs that will indicate that you might have a hard water problem to deal with. But before we get to that, let’s go over what exactly hard water is.

So What Is Hard Water?

We all know from our elementary science lectures in school that water is a molecule made up of two atoms of hydrogen and a single item of oxygen, right? Well, hard water will have a lot more in it than the simple H2O that normal water is made of. It has a high mineral count, and although some of the additional stuff such as iron, magnesium or calcium may actually be good for you, we can’t say the same for the rest of the additional content in the water. Let’s go over some of the signs that will indicate the presence of hard water coursing through your supply lines.

Your Water Smells or Tastes Odd

A strange taste or odor to your tap water usually serves as a basic clue that you may have a hard water conditioning issue at hand. It’s a sign that the water is hard or contains a bacterial infestation.

Drinking the water coming from your water supply is often one of the best ways to tell that you have a water conditioning problem. For instance, an unpleasant metallic taste to it will mean that there is too much iron in your water. If it smells like rotten eggs, it could be due to a particular bacteria or naturally occurring hydrogen sulfide reacting with magnesium and forming sulfates. It’s a sure sign there is hard water or some sort of bacterial contaminant.

Some folks in the Sugar Land, TX area may even say their water taste like dirt. This could be due to the over-concentration of dirt particles or sediments in the water supply. Often, you may even find it to have a moldy aftertaste; that’s courtesy of the algae blooms in your pipes. However, it isn’t anything that a professional cannot fix for you. So contact one if you find your water to be smelling or tasting odd. Now, drinking hard water is not exactly bad for you, and as stated earlier, some of the minerals (like calcium) are actually good for you. However, too much of those minerals is not good. If you’re getting them with every glass of water that you drink, it won’t be healthy in the long run.

Strange Stains

Those reddish or ugly brown stains across your porcelain fixtures can be an awful and embarrassing sight. The hard water is the culprit behind these in most cases; particularly, the higher concentration of iron in the water. Rusty pipes can be a reason for a higher concentration of iron in your water supply as any professional would tell you. Therefore, vinegar or other DIY methods cannot permanently fix your problem. Talk to a professional plumberto explore your options.

You Find Yourself Cleaning Up Soap Scum Frequently

Another sign of hard water is the emergence of white, hard water spots across your bathroom fixtures.

It’s probably a sign of hard water that has a higher than normal concentration of calcium. That’s what calcium deposits left behind look like once the water evaporates.

You’ll also notice unsightly soap scum all across your bathroom floor and fixtures. The minerals in hard water don’t seem to go nicely with the soap.

It will also affect your crockery. If you find your dishes are increasingly spotty, it’s more likely to be hard water than the dishwasher that’s the culprit. Similar white spots will also be found on the shower curtains. A thin microbial biofilm will cover the curtains. If you find yourself frequently scrubbing up the white soap scum off the bathroom or kitchen fixtures, call in a professional plumber to offer you a solution to the hard water issue.

Showers Don’t Feel the Way They Should

New homeowners will especially be able to tell this one. A shower is meant to cleanse and relax you, but the hard water will interfere with this basic function too. The over-concentration of minerals in the water makes the soap less effective on the skin. The obvious way you’d be able to tell this is because you won’t be able to create good lather as you bathe. Hard water doesn’t work well with soaps. Also, it will be difficult to wash off the soap. A thin film of soapy residue will be left behind on your skin.

Furthermore, the higher amount of mineral deposits in the water will also cause the showerhead to clog, decreasing the water pressure. Bad hair days are also a likely outcome, as you won’t be able to clean your hair properly with the hard water. Acquire the assistance of a professional plumber to tackle this issue.

Your Appliances Are Wearing Out Quickly

If none of the above were reasons enough to make that call to your local plumber this will most likely change your mind. Those mineral deposits can inflict severe damage to your appliances. Your water heater, your washing machine, and your dishwasher are all at stake if you’re facing a hard water problem. They will perform poorly, be less efficient, and incur larger utility bills. The ice maker in the fridge may even stop working altogether. All in all, your appliances will wear out a lot quicker when you have a hard water issue at hand. Make a call to your local plumber in the  Sugar Land, TX area to deal with this issue sooner than later.

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