Solar Powered Water Heaters: The Wave of the Future | Tips from Your Richmond, TX Water Heater Repair Service Provider


Solar Powered Water Heaters: The Wave of the Future | Tips from Your Richmond, TX Water Heater Repair Service Provider

Photo By Robert Nyholm at Shutterstock

The prices of everything in this world continue to increase and  water heater repair is no exception to this economic trend. Energy to heat, cool, and keep the lights on and hot water heaters functioning properly is quite costly. That is why many people are looking for alternative, more cost-efficient forms of sources of energy. Some of these options include hydro power, wind, and solar energy, with solar energy becoming one of the most rapidly growing sources of energy. The main reasons why people invest in solar power is to either heat water and/or produce electricity for the basic appliances that they use in the place where they reside. There are a lot of perks when it comes to using solar power in the home like when it comes to using it to heat the water in a home.

  1. A Source of Energy That is Never Depleted: One of the many benefits of having a solar powered water heater is that it is actually a renewable resource. It can be used in every country and state across the land from Richmond, TX to anywhere across the globe. These types of water heaters are very rarely in need of a water heater repair as well. It is impossible to run out of solar energy, unlike other sources of energy that are being depleted on a regular basis. Solar energy is easy to acquire and can be accessed by us as long as the sun is around and scientists say that the sun will be around for the next five billion years. The cost of solar panels has gone down seventy-five percent, which is another bonus for people that are considering using solar energy.
  2. Providing Energy Security- Another bonus to using solar energy to heat a home’s water heater is that no company can buy up all the solar power and create a monopoly. Solar powers are also very easy to use which is a big advantage over other sources of energy. That is the reason a lot of governments in Richmond, TX and around the world are putting large sums of money into developing and installing solar power systems instead of doing water heater repair and installing traditional water heaters that are operated by electricity or gas.
  3. Decreasing The Carbon Footprint: Using solar power in comparison to water heater repair or installing a traditional water heater in Richmond, TX or anywhere across the globe also decreases the carbon footprint of the people that use it as well. The use of carbon dioxide has been known to wreak havoc on the Earth which causes the glaciers to melt, animals to become at risk for extinction, and for shorelines to gradually wear away. An example of this is that solar power can help conserve over 16,000 gallons of water every year and also lower how dependent we are on sources of energy that cannot be renewed. Lowering the mileage from 15,000 to 10,000 which can save more than a ton of Carbon Dioxide, which is about fifteen percent of an average person’s carbon footprint
  4. The Development of Technology: The growth of technology in the solar power industry continues to develop and improve and that will continue to grow around the world including in Richmond, TX and will help do away with the need for water heater repair. Innovations in nanotechnology and quantum physics may increase how effective solar power will continue to be and increase how much electricity is created by solar power.
  5. Federal Tax Credits: Federal tax credits will help lower the upfront expense of purchasing a solar water heater, and there are also local incentives that help offset the cost of a portion of the initial investment of buying a solar powered water heater.
  6. Lower Maintenance Costs: Another benefit to using solar power to heat the water in your home is that they require very little repair and upkeep and almost no water heater repair. The main thing that a person that owns a solar power water heater to do to maintain them is to keep them clean without having to worry about a water heater repair. Reliable solar power water heater companies give a twenty to twenty-five year warranty on their water heaters. Wear and tear is not an issue with these types of water heaters and the inverter is the only part that will need to be replaced in five to ten years. An example of this is the average cost of a yearly inspection for a residential rooftop solar PV system is about $150.00.
  7. Many Different Uses: Solar power can be used for many different purposes in Richmond, TX and around the world. It can be used to create energy in areas that do not have access to energy grids, to distill water in areas that do not have access to many water supplies, power satellites in outer space in places where people live and in recreational vehicles. These are some of the most popular uses of solar energy. These areas also have limited tools and people that can do a water heater repair easily.
  8. Lower Electricity Bills and Increase Savings: With some of the energy being made by solar power, not only will the cost of water heater repair be lowered, the amount of energy bills will go down as well. It also depends on how big a solar power system is and how much energy that they produce. Not only will people that use solar energy have a lower electricity bill, but they will also produce more electricity than they will ever need. The extra energy can go back to the grid as long as it is connected. An example of this is if a person has 10,000 kWh and the solar panels produce more energy than that, they will end up saving a lot on their electricity bills. The average electricity bill could be ten dollars or less.

There are so many benefits to using solar power to heat water or to produce electricity in the home. Along with this, they also do not regularly require water heater repair. Since solar powered water heater owners do not have to worry much about maintenance or upkeep and high electricity bills, they can just let the sun shine on them, and enjoy the power that comes with having solar power.