Houston Plumbers | Plumbing Tips for the 4th of July

With the summer season being in full swing, Independence Day is only a couple of days away.  Independence Day honors the birthday of the United States of America and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence which was signed on July 4th, 1776.  Lots of families spend their time on the 4th having friends and … Read More >


Plumber in Houston | Plumbing Problems that Could Easily be Prevented

Even when your plumbing receives proper maintenance from a plumber in Houston, your plumbing system and the various fixtures that make it up will become worn out over time and require repair and / or replacement.  However, the number of calls made to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Houston, TX and other Houston based plumbing companies … Read More >


Katy Plumbing Service | Tips to Choose the Right Plumbing Company

For many of us, homeowners and business owners alike, choosing the right Katy plumbing service company typically involves just looking someone up online, or by chance calling the number off the side of the plumber’s van parked down the street at a neighbor’s house. In most cases, it is simply just a matter of convenience … Read More >


Katy Plumber | Tips to Minimize Sewer Backups

Whenever you wash your hands, use the garbage disposal, dishwasher, and washing machine and even flush the toilet, you are putting your sewer system to work. With so many things connected to the sewer system for your home, it only takes one thing to go wrong, such as a clogged drain that will have you … Read More >


Houston Plumbing | Common Plumbing Repairs

When it comes to Houston plumbing repairs, it can seem like most cases are isolated incidents and often this is true. Whenever a toilet stops up and it needs snaking or whenever a pipe breaks and water is gushing out of the break into the home, it does not always indicate that there may be … Read More >


Emergency Plumber in Houston | Common Plumbing Repairs

If you are looking for an emergency plumber in Houston to handle an emergency plumbing repair, day or night, rain or shine, then you can count on the professional expert plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Houston, Texas.  No matter what it is, whether it is a broken plumbing pipe, broken water heater, overflowing toilet … Read More >

Plumbers in Katy – Well Repair in Katy, TX

Anything that can put a strain on a home’s well pump may bring about it’s premature failure.  If you suspect you have problems with your well pump and you need well repair from professional plumbers in Katy, then give Ben Franklin Plumbing in Houston a call today.  Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Houston, TX will provide … Read More >

Plumber in Katy, TX – Bathroom Plumbing in Katy, TX

Keeping your faucets running smoothly in your home without needing to contact a Plumber in Katy, TX is important in maintaining your homes plumbing when you need it. Check out these bathroom faucet tips below in order for you to be able to maintain working faucets.   Faucets Unlike pipes, there are multiple moving parts … Read More >

Katy Plumbing – Drain Cleaning in Katy

Chemical concentrates, food residue accumulation and grease / oil buildup are some of the most common reasons behind drain clogs in homes that will require Katy plumbing.  In their worst states, these types of clogs will almost certainly always require professional Katy plumbing cleaning services or even excavation in order to fix the plumbing system. At … Read More >

Katy plumber – Water Heater Repair in Katy

When it comes to a water heater that is about to fail, most people have no idea that their water heater is on its last leg until they contact a Katy plumber for assistance for water heater repair in Katy.  However, there are signs that you can watch out for yourself without the need of … Read More >