Water heater repair in Katy Texas – Choosing a New Hot Water Heater

Are you looking for water heater repair in Katy, Texas or in purchasing a new water heater? Give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Houston, Texas a call today for all of your water heater needs. The energy efficiency of hot water heaters have improved tremendously in recent years. The average life expectancy of typical tank style … Read More >

Plumbing in Houston Texas – Choosing a New Toilet

If you need plumbing in Houston, Texas give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call. We will be glad to assist you in the choice and installation of a toilet. In the past, choosing a toilet was very simple as styles were limited and they all operated basically the same. Today plumbing innovations and the trend toward … Read More >

Houston Texas Plumbing – Drains & Faucets

Houston, Texas plumbing companies will all agree that drain cleaning should be a regular part of home maintenance like cleaning your gutters and changing the filters in your heating and cooling system. Maintaining clean drains assures the proper removal of water and waste. Poor maintenance can lead to slow draining, pipe bursts or clogged pipes … Read More >

Plumbing in Sugar Land Texas – Faucet Repair

Whenever a faucet leaks, it is usually due to a worn out washer or seal. This can be a straight forward fix for Do-it-yourself homeowners. However, if you prefer the assistance of a professional plumber for your plumbing in Sugar Land, Texas then give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call today. Below, for Do-it-yourself homeowners, you … Read More >

Plumbing Service in Houston Texas – Garbage Disposals

If you need plumbing service in Houston, Texas for your garbage disposal and it needs repair or installation in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area then give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call and let our expert plumbers provide you with the best service available in the area. A garbage disposal is an electric device that is … Read More >

Plumbing in Katy Texas – Sump Pumps

A leaky basement is one of the most frustrating problems possibly due to plumbing in Katy, Texas, a homeowner can face. As tempting as it is to close the door on it, mold and structural damage are two good reasons you shouldn’t. A sump pump is a simple solution at a reasonable price. A sump … Read More >

Leak Detection in Houston Texas – Low Water Pressure

The water pressure entering a home can vary being too much or too little.  The usable range in a home is 50 lbs to 80 lbs per square inch or psi. Determining the problem can involve a little detective work. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides leak detection in Houston, Texas and the surrounding metropolitan area. If … Read More >

Sugar Land plumbers – Mold in the Bathroom

If you have mold in your bathroom, your shower may need resealing. A leaking shower will not only cause mold, but can also damage the structure and integrity of your home. A crack in the sealant of your shower will allow water to leak out when using your shower. Unfortunately, this is usually onto your … Read More >

Rosenberg Plumbing – Common Problems with Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are an expensive item homeowners can have in their homes. But, with proper maintenance and tackling those common problems the expenses associated with repairs and the like can be alleviated. If you need Rosenberg plumbing assistance with your hot tub, then give Ben Franklin Plumbing a call. In the following we will discuss … Read More >

Houston, Texas plumbers – Hot Tubs

Increasingly popular among homeowners, hot tubs provide a relaxing environment to unwind or undergo treatments such as massage. When you require hot tub repair in the metropolitan Houston area, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s professional Houston, Texas plumbers are always available for your hot tub and other plumbing needs. Hot tubs are heated with electricity or gas, … Read More >