Expansion Tanks

Your Houston Expansion Tank Expert

Call Ben Franklin Plumbing of Houston Today for Expansion Tank Installation, Service, and Repair! Water is a truly incredible force. Harnessing incredible amounts of energy, water has carved canyons, sliced through mountains, and leveled cities. So, when it comes to your pipes, it’s not suprising that one small hammer arrestor may not have enough strength to handle the tremendous strain exacted everytime someone turns off the faucet. Whenever someone turns the water off, the advancing, pressurized wall of water collides into the hammer arrestor, a phenomenon known as water hammer. The problem is: many systems have trouble handling this force long-term.

Ben Franklin Plumbing Houston’s expansion tanks are an effective way to alleviate the strains of water hammer. Call, and our expert plumbers will give you a free estimate on our impressive line of expansion tanks.

Backed by a two year warranty on all repairs, our plumbing experts will have your faucets safeguarded and protected before your pipes finally give out.

Have an expansion tank but not sure whether it’s still up to par? Let our team of experts set your mind at ease. We’ll check out your unique situation and give you an honest analysis of your options.

You can call or go online to schedule our complimentary inspection of your pipes or expansion tank.